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By: tutu tupai

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SINGAPORE TRIP - Art Tease,Bugis market Rooftop

just don't have any idea who's done this
but still dope and awesome
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Hohohoho..We invite to visit Art Tease by ARTVSTS. All the member were bombing Bugis Market Rooftop.Cool..So trading artwork were still happened.Orkibal and Shieko give me and Suzuka their artwork that they made on the gipsum board. So we trade them with our accidently art piece on maneqin (that we found arround the market)...
Nice fellas...we have a good trip.So we meet again soon.That's for real yo!

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SINGAPORE TRIP 2 - Phunk Studio Exhibit/ Kostas Exhibit

da member of Phunk Studio
TV will kill
more design
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At the 3rd day, me,Suzuka, Arks and hensem Boii go to Singapore Historical Museum.PUNK STUDIO make their exhibition right there.After KRL travelling, we finally hit the place.
Ok, most of their style isThe vector thing, ..the're no freehand style,..but i still like the drawing concept.
Parody of everything.That's what i like..btw I wanna steal the thong poster...

Then we go to Kostas exhibition at Surrender.Simply Dope what we've got there.All black and white Kostas style.Free flow beer for everyone! Hip hip hoooraayy...Hail to da beard man..uhuhu

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SINGAPORE TRIP 1 - IDN Conference 2005

the conference
waiting for da punch line
YOK and mr.KGB
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Yeah..Tutu/Suzuka/Darbotz/Adi from Bizzare/Slyndicates/Arks and mr.hensem Boii from Rangerbastards visit Singapura for join da IDN conference at SuntecConvention.It's a nice city btw..but too clean...the people are nice, but very busy..
We have a nice day, walking around Singapura city, doi'n chitchat with famous artist from another country, such as Killer Gerbill,Phuek! and Sue,Li'l pink Devil,Maes2ro,OneTwoDelta,TraceOne(Singapore), Ork,Shieko(Malaysia), Blokka(Nederlands),YOK(Aussie),Faile(UK),Kostas(USA),Rosstar(USA),and many more...
I did'nt know how the're looklike for the first time,But Suzuka have Gerbill cellphone number.So, we call him infront the Starbucks caffe at Suntec.One boy stand up, and we guess that is KGB! actually we make a phone call infront of their table...dooohhhh!!!!..
We introduce ourselfs and join the chitchat session.Very nice! Sharing blackbook with these people make me nervous for the first time..they all already have an establish style fo syo..so i don't want to ruin their blackbook with my cheesy style..specially Phuek!'s and OneTwoDelta's...Cause they have brown paper on it..huhuhu.
I really enjoy dining with member ARTVSTS at FarEast and share moment with these guyz.Specially mr KGB, and Malaysia dynamic duo, ORK and Shieko...
Ork ask me about the lattest dirty Indo words..,Shieko trade some doodles and sticky(she call me 2:2 aigghhtt), We sang dangdut together..(they know better, folks!)..even Gerbill have a nice dangdut's voice..alamakk!!...kite nak ke karaoke semuenyeee...mauuu????hahaha
The Conference is quite nice... wanna see UNKLE/Kostas/Faille/Mod2/Maharishi...LMAC,and Kidrobot were grab my attention at their corner..the art by Singaporean Design University are awesome.I like the animal concept.

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total chaos!
dj Hasan invite the hungry audience.Just like lucky cat
chaos inside
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Just remembering da good time! MEDIUM RARE Street Art and Sneakers Exhibition at Museum Nasional,Jakarta.
the're many local artist including Artcoholic/Darbotz/EndjoyDivision/Footurama/KingKims/Mase/Morden/Ranger Bastard/Toter/The Slyndicates/Ovelia/Bizarre/Joy/Tutu/and Tembokbomber.
Just like a rock show....

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grey dunk by bizzare
nougat squirrel and wabbit by tutu
three kings colabo bizzare/tutu/kims
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Me,Kims, and Bizzare modified some dunk kicks.


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